Desertfest Podcast 3

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Here’s the 3rd edition of The Desertfest Podcast with DJ Harris, Rory McGregor and Tom Geddes. Featuring tracks from Sedulus, Sungrazer, Russian Circles, Slabdragger, Crowbar, Rotor, Raging Speedhorn, Blood Ceremony, Monomyth, Grifter, Wo Fat and Siena Root. We also talk to Rich from Sedulus, Yusuf from Slabdragger and Ollie from Grifter as well as reveal the winner of our competition for the Live in London Desertfest vinyl.

Desertfest Podcast 1

Desertfest Podcast Logo

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Our debut edition of the brand spanking new Desertfest Podcast. In this edition, DJ Harris, gets you hyped for the festival with tracks from Corrosion of Conformity, Spider Kitten, Mothership and Slabdragger. We interview previous Desertfesters Alunah, Rory McGregor drops in and finds himself in a spot of Trouble and Podcaster-in-Hiding Tom Geddes treats us to some Conan.