Where to Listen

You can stream and download each podcast on this website once it’s released. We release them every Friday (usually at 1PM UK time). You can see all the podcasts released so far here.

You can listen to the podcast on Grip of Delusion Radio. It’s played on the day of release at 4PM EST / 10PM CET / 9PM UK time. You can listen to Grip of Delusion Radio here.

You can listen to the podcast on Hand of Doom Radio. The most recent podcast is played twice a week at times to suit listeners in the US, Europe and Australia. Those specific times are currently being worked out. You can listen to Hand of Doom Radio here.

  • The first showing is 8PM AEST on Wednesday nights in Australia.
  • The second showing is on Wednesday 8PM UK time / 12PM PST / 3PM EST in the US.

Obviously, you can listen anywhere in the world, so long as you work out your own timezones.