We’ve Changed and Moved

We’ve changed our name to Desertscene Podcast and will no longer be uploading to this page. Our new home is at the Desertscene website. 

Other than the website, the name and the logo, nothing has changed. We’re still playing the best stoner, doom, sludge and psych. We’re still getting the best interviews with people from the scene. We’re still doing our best to make our co-host’s lives hell.

Desertfest Podcast 11

Desertfest Podcast Logo

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The Desertfest Podcast is 11, and just starting big school.

On this edition Tom Geddes speaks with JJ Koczan of The Obelisk, chatting mainly about bands (79 of them), but also a little bit about JJ himself.

We also feature music from Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Acid King, Steak, Los Natas, Sungrazer, King Buffalo and Maegashira.
DJ Harris and Rory McGregor are also here to make sure you don’t forget who they are.
To visit The Obelisk click here.
To buy JJ’s book click here.
To get tickets for The Obelisk All-Dayer click here.