Rich Harris, Tom Geddes & Rory McGregor

 Rich Harris has DJ’d at Desertfest London for the past few years under the moniker DJ “Shitty Knickers” Harris, and he also DJ’s club nights in Coventry. He is in a doom band called Oily Toys. He was the first person to be asked to be involved in The Desertfest Podcast and due to this fact asserts his dominance by having the loudest voice.

Tom Geddes first got involved in the stoner rock scene as a writer for Desertfest London, dealing with lineup announcements and pieces for the festival’s official programme. He later went on to found Riffipedia, a stoner rock scene equivalent of Wikipedia. Since mid 2015, he has been working on StoneRPG, a stoner rock based RPG video game. His aim is to become overexposed in the stoner rock scene and make his millions from people paying him to go away.

Rory McGregor is also here.